35400 Gallon Anaerobic Digester Tank With Double Membrane For Anaerobic Digestion Plants

35400 gallon Anaerobic Digestion Tank with Double Membrane for Anaerobic Digestion Plants


The anaerobic digestion tank is an anaerobic digester assembled by tempering, polymer composite sealing material and self-locking bolts made of glass. Glass fused to steel tanks are used as anaerobic digesters for wastewater treatment, biogas engineering, food storage and other industries. In biogas projects, glass melting tanks are important equipment for the fermentation of various organic materials.


Anaerobic Digestion Tank The dual membrane gas cabinet is a durable air support structure designed for biogas storage. The biogas special membrane material is made of high abrasion and corrosion resistant polyester fabric. The dual membrane gas cabinet can be installed as a separate gas storage structure or as part of an anaerobic digestion system.


Coating Color Dark green , white,blue,color can be customized
Coating Thickness 0.25-0.40mm , double coating
Acid and Alkali proof Standard sheet PH : 3-11
Special sheet PH : 1-14
Adhesion 3450N/CM
Elastic Same as steel sheet , around 500 KN/MM
Hardness 6.0 ( Mohs )
Service Life More than 30 year
Holiday Test More thank 1500V
Permeability Gas liquid impermeable
Easy to clean Smooth , glossy , inert , anti - adhesion
Corrosion resistance Excellent ,suitable for wastewater , sea water , salt water , high sulfur crude oil , salt fog , organic and inorganic compounds


Center Enamel Co., Ltd. is not only the first manufacturer and supplier of glass fused to steel tanks in China, but also the most experienced manufacturer of glass fused to steel tanks in Asia. The engineering design, product testing and quality system of the enamel glass welded steel tank of the center are strictly implemented in accordance with international standards such as AWWA D103-09, OSHA, ISO/EN 28765, NSF61, API, NFPA. CEC GFS tanks are widely used in drinking water, industrial wastewater, urban sewage, bioenergy, landfill leachate, agriculture and other fields. By 2018, Center Enamel GFS tank has been exported to more than 45 countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Panama, India and South Africa. Excellent product quality and timely service have won worldwide recognition.


Anaerobic Digester Tank

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