Capacity Customized Bolted Steel Grain Storage Silos For Agricultural Plant

Capacity Customized Bolted Steel Grain Storage Silos For Agricultural Plant


Center Enamel Co. Ltd, also known as Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd., is specialized in bolted steel grain storage silos. We has more than 30 years of experience in bolted steel tanks design, manufacture and installation. Bolted steel tanks have much application, such as wastewater treatment, potable water supply and grain storage silos etc since 1989. The tanks are made of glass fused to steel plates and galvanized ring stiffener fixed and sealed on a concrete slab. The storage volume/capacities range from 20m3 to over 20000m3 for each tank.



Specification of GFS Grain Storage Silos


Category Specification
Coating Color dark green, white, blue, color can be customized upon your request
Coating Thickness 0.25MM - 0.40mm , double coating
Acid and alkalinity proof Standard sheet PH: 3 - 11
Special sheet PH: 1 - 14
Adhesion 3450 N / cm
Elastic Same as steel sheet, around 500 Kn / mm
Hardness 6.0 ( Mohs )
Service life ≥ 30 Years
Holiday test > 1500 V
Permeability Gas / liquid impermeable
Easy to clean Smooth, glossy, inert, non adhesive
Corrosion resistance


suitable for waste water treatment, sewage treatment, effluent treatment


Advantage of GFS Grain Storage Silos


1. Short Construction Period : compare to over 90 days construction time of concrete tank, it takes even less than 15 days for installation of GFS grain storage silos.

2. Superior Corrosion Resistance : Center Enamel Grain Storage Silos can resist PH range of 1 - 14.

3. Long Service Life : the Center Enamel GFS Tank are design to work in a long service life as more than 30 years.

4. Tank Volume can be easily expand : GFS Grain Storage Silos are not only easy to construct, but also convenient to expand, remove and rebuild.

5. Beautiful Appearance : the color of glass fused to steel tank could be customized as per client’s request based on Pantone Matching System.


Grain Storage Silos

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