Wastewater Treatment Anaerobic Digestion

Glass Line Coated Wastewater Anaerobic Digester Tank



Quick details of GFS tank


Glass fused to steel tank is a kind of factory fabrication tank , which made of glass coated on Ti-rich special steel plates . The steel plates are coated with enamel powder ( mixing with 10-20 different materials ) and burned in oven ( Temperature from 800 celsius to 950 celsius ) , which makes the steel sheet and glass coated greatly blend together . High recommended , all of the holes on the tank wall will be precut on the workshop , instead of on job site . According to the size of hole , there will be some flanges nozzles along with.



How to do the wastewater treatment ?


The anaerobic digester is widely be used in wastewater treatment . For the wastewater treatment , the first process is doing pretreatment , the purpose is to remove the large solid from the wastewater . The next step is primary treatment , which need clarification and sedimentation tank to finish this process , the purpose is to remove the suspended solid and biochemical particulate from the wastewater .


After finished the pretreatment and primary treatment , it need to do the secondary treatment . For the secondary treatment , it require anaerobic mircroorganisms facilities ( most of the wastewater treatment use this facility to do the wastewater treatment ) to do it. The purpose of it is to remove the remaining suspended solid and BOD . Wastewater treatment facilities utilize anaerobic digester ( Glass fused to steel anaerobic digester tank ) to break down sewage sludge and eliminate pathogens in wastewater .



Glass fused steel tank advantages


1.  superior performance in corrosion resistance and against rust

2.  factory fabrication tank . No painting or spray on erection site

3.  minimal maintenance cost

4.  No need crane or other large equipment during erection.

5.  not subjected to severe weather and environment

6.  can be designed to future expansion, dismantle or re-movement.



Center glass fused to steel tank project reference


-- 2008 Beijing Olympics Games wastewater project

-- 2009 Niger Azelik  uranium deposits(China National Nuclear Corporation)

-- 2009 Niger Azelik  uranium deposits(China National Nuclear Corporation)

-- 2009-2013 Palm oil wastewater treatment project in Indonesia

-- 2011 Anyang city Biogas project

-- Chengdu Biology waste water project

-- Brewery wastewater treatment

-- Shandong Garbage waste water treatment project

-- Pharmacy waste water treatment project

-- 2013  Sichuan  Chengdu  Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

-- 2014 Urban sludge treatment project- Kazakhstan


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Wastewater Treatment Anaerobic Digestion
Wastewater Treatment Anaerobic Digestion

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