Corrosion Resistance Sludge Digestion Tank

High Corrosion Resistance Enamel Bolted Anaerobic Digester Tank



Advantages of anaerobic digester


1- Economic advantage : Firstly , An additional income , biogas will be generated during the reaction , methane is one of the important source of energy ,which can purify it from biogas  and sell to the market . Secondly , Reducing to purchase the fertilizer , the liquid digester sludge can be fertilizer .


2- Agricultural advantage : The remaining of the liquid feedstock can as a source of fertilizer ,which can easily be assimilated by the plant .


3- Environment advantage : The biogas is the renewable energy replace the fossil energy ,which can solve the energy crisis problem . Less pollution which can make the environment become better.



Specification of glass fused to steel tank


Coating Color

Dark green , white , blue ,color can be customized

Coating Thickness

0.25mm - 0.40mm , double coating

Acid and Alkali proof

Standard sheet PH: 3-11
Special sheet PH: 1-14




Same as steel sheet , around 500 KN/MM



Service Life

More than 30 year

Holiday Test

More tank 1500V


Gas / Liquid impermeable

Easy to clean

Smooth , glossy , inert , non adhesive

Corrosion resistance

Excellent , suitable for wastewater , salt water , sea water , high - sulfur crude oil , salt fox , organic and inorganic compounds



Brife introduction of glass fused to steel tank


Glass fused steel tank is superior in corrosion resistant as it is actually the combination of  “ glass ” and “ steel “ . So it has the advantages of both : superior corrosion resistant of glass , and strength and flexibility of glass . This is the combination of both to achieve the best . Glass fused steel tank is the best tank to be used as anaerobic reactor, especially when the media inside than tank could be highly corrosive.


The high temperature fusion of glass to steel fired at 800-950 degree results in an inert , durable finish . Applied to both interior and exterior , the GFS technology is able to withstand the rigorous of the construction site and provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments .



Glass fused steel tank advantages


1. Superior performance in corrosion resistance and against rust : glass fused steel tank is combination of glass and steel . Glass is coated to steel and become a protection layer to the tank boy .


2. Factory fabrication tank . No painting or spray on erection site . The process of glass coating is finished in factory, so there is no spray works to be done on job site . Glass fused steel tank is a kind of factory pre-fabricated tank .


3. Minimal maintenance cost : once it is erected, there is minimal maintenance requirement needed , which can save a lot in maintenance .


4. No need crane or other large equipment during erection. Since glass fused steel tank is bolted type tank . It just need to assemble the steel sheet with bolts and sealant one by one .





Corrosion Resistance Sludge Digestion Tank

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Corrosion Resistance Sludge Digestion Tank
Corrosion Resistance Sludge Digestion Tank

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Anaerobic Digester Tank

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