Glass Lined Steel Anaerobic Digestion Tank With Customized Tank

Glass Lined Steel Anaerobic Digestion Tank with Customized Tank Colors


What Is Glass Lined Steel Anaerobic Digestion Tank ?




By intermittently aerating, the anaerobic digestion process is an activated sludge/sewage treatment technology. Aerating regularly and intermittently is its main feature. The glass-lined steel anaerobic digestion tank is the core of the anaerobic digestion process . Mixing primary subsiding, biodegrading, post subsiding and other processes all occurred in one tank, and no sludge return system is needed .






Brief introduction of Glass Lined Steel anaerobic digestion tank



Glass Lined Steel anaerobic digestion tank is a kind of factory fabrication tank , which made of glass coated on Ti-rich special steel plates . The steel plates are coated with enamel powder ( mixing with 10-20 different materials ) and burned in oven ( Temperature from 800 celsius to 950 celsius ) , which makes the steel sheet and glass coated greatly blend together . High recommended, all of the holes on the tank wall will be precut on the workshop, instead of on the job site. According to the size of the hole , there will be some flanges nozzles along with.




Glass Lined Steel Anaerobic Digestion Tank Specifications


Coating color dark blue, dark green, white, and customized
A standard steel plate size effective size 2400mm x 1200 m
Steel plates thickness 3mm - 12mm, depends on the diameter & height
Coating thickness 0.25mm - 0.4mm, two coatings internal and external
Acid and alkalinity proof standard coating suits for PH3 - PH11, special coating suits for PH1 - PH14
Adhesion 3,450N/cm
Elastic same as steel sheet, around 500KN/mm
Hardness 6.0 Mohs
Service life >30 years
Spark test >1500 V
Permeability gas and liquid impermeable
Easy yo clean smooth, glossy, inert, anti-adhesion
Corrosion resistance

excellent! Suitable for wastewater saltwater, seawater, high sulfur crude oil,

salt fox, organic and inorganic compounds




About the installation of Glass Lined Steel anaerobic digestion tank , there is no need big equipment to do it . Jacks are required during the installation , we will install the tank from the top ring , one by one until all of them are installed . Glass Lined Steel anaerobic digestion tank is widely used in wastewater treatment , sludge treatmentanaerobic digester , because of its’s excellent corrosion resistance .





The advantages of Glass Lined Steel anaerobic digestion tank



1. Short construction period : we install tank with jack and assemble the steel sheet with bolts and sealant one by one , it is fast and easy to do it .

2. Superior corrosion resistance , service life is more than 30 years : The PH of the steel sheet from 3 – 11 , special steel sheet from 1 -14. Have great corrosion resistance .

3. Low project cost : Once the tank is installed , the maintenance cost is low and easy and convenient to clean , the manhole will be designed to help cleaning . Comparing with traditional tanks , the glass fused to steel tank is in lower cost .

4. Tank volume can be easily expanded : If it is specified before the tank manufacturing that a future expansion is needed, engineer will make the structure suitable for future enlarged capacity . It can be realized by simply adding another rings .

5. Beautiful appearance , color can be customized : The tank looks glossy , smooth , and the color can be in white , dark blue , cobalt blue , forest green , sky blue or customized color .

6. Not subject to weather conditions , Glass fused steel tank is not subjected to environmental and weather . It can be erected at remote places like desert and extremely cold places .






Anaerobic Digester Tank

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