Glass Fused To Steel Bolted Biogas Storage Tank With UV Resistant Coating

Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Biogas storage tank


Glass fused to steel bolted biogas storage tank is also called biogas holder and is a kind of Anaerobic digestion tanks that are often cone-shaped and supported at the center with a single pole. The outer layer of the membrane roof works as a protection for the inner membrane. The outer membrane is more strong and coated with UV resistant coating. The outer membrane can be against static electricity, ultraviolet radiation, and aging. The inner coat can be against biogas leakage.

Why use Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tank for a biogas storage tank?


1. Advanced technology and innovative edge protection ensure Center Enamel Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks are an exceptional solution in the most harshest storage environment.

2. Center Enamel Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks with superior corrosion resistance can be utilized in both the liquid and gaseous zone and maximizing the service life of tank structure.

3. Customized colors make the tank harmonized with the surrounding environment.

4. Long service life glass coating requiring minimal maintenance, reducing the risk & loss of the project shut down during operation.

5. Modular bolted construction gives a shorter installation period with simple installation tools.

6. The tank can be dismantled and rebuilt, gives continuous asset value to the product.


Except for biogas storage tank, Center Enamel Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks can also be used as various anaerobic digester, various aerobic reactor, such as SBR , CSTR , USR , EGSB , UASB, etc


Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Biogas Storage Tank Specifications



Coating color dark blue, dark green, white, and customized
A standard steel plate size effective size 2400mm x 1200 m
Steel plates thickness 3mm - 12mm, depends on the diameter & height
Coating thickness 0.25mm - 0.4mm, two coatings internal and external
Acid and alkalinity proof standard coating suits for PH3 - PH11, special coating suits for PH1 - PH14
Adhesion 3,450N/cm
Elastic same as steel sheet, around 500KN/mm
Hardness 6.0 Mohs
Service life >30 years
Spark test >1500 V
Permeability gas and liquid impermeable
Easy yo clean smooth, glossy, inert, anti-adhesion
Corrosion resistance

excellent! Suitable for wastewater salt water, seawater, high sulfur crude oil,

salt fox, organic and inorganic compounds




Anaerobic Digester Tank

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